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    For recommender, I noticed that there are characteristics evaluated section in PhorCAS. It also says to comment on at least 3 fields. How many fields do recommenders usually comment? Is it still okay for them to check "exceeds" section but not enter any comments in certain sections?
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    I recently finished residency this past year and I was able to review and discuss with my RPD about recommendations.

    Some letter writers do go overboard on the amount the write, but the worst thing is if there is not enough information. Probably the worst recommendation letter filled out had the candidate having exceeds expectations for most categories. However, the letter writer only commented on 3 sections and they comments were very limited such as “good at writing”. This essentially makes the recommendation void because it is unable to be scored at least from my residency’s view.

    The best thing you could do is have specific examples for as many sections as possible. Some may score the letter of rec based on the content versus the actual selected score for the characteristics evaluated. I think there was recently a podcast uploaded by some pharmacist going over some of the this information on the internet.

    This only my perspective but I’m sure others have their own opinions. Feel free to PM me.

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