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Feb 13, 2008
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Disregarding finances, if I want to develop a career in international HIV/AIDS epidemiology work, would it be more opportune to attend Johns Hopkins International Health Department (MHS Global Disease Epidemiology & Control), University of Washington's Epidemiology Department (MPH Epidemiology General Track), University of Michigan's Epidemiology Department (MPH International Health), or Emory University's Epidemiology/Global Health Departments (MPH Global Epidemiology)?

In addition to HIV/AIDS, I am also interested in malaria, tuberculosis, and malnutrition as a factor in infectious disease spread and prevalence.

I am still in the process of sorting through faculty research interests at all four schools.

I would appreciate some additional insight and opinions. :) Thanks!

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Are you accepted into all those programs already? Or you waiting to hear back?
why dont u see if you get accepted first and then figure it out.
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perhaps running is asking in consideration for the next application cycle. in terms of reputation, all of the schools that you listed are "up there."

although i didn't attend emory, one of my friends did and she claims that the number of opportunities for research is huge. i think your interests could be very well developed at emory, but there are, of course, other factors to consider when choosing a program.

if you're choosing purely based on internship/job opportunities in infectious diseases, i would personally lean towards emory for its location.
i agree with tt13. Emory has great affiliations with the CDC, Center for AIDS research, NIH, etc. In addition, I think the school is heavily involved with AIDS research b/c of their dean, Dr. Curran and personally im excited to possibly get to meet Dr. Curran at Emory's public health orientation
All four programs provide an excellent and balanced education. The major factor is finances (I'm probably not alone on this one), which means waiting until the end of March to see if I am offered any scholarships.
But for now, disregarding finances, what would you do?
I've read through the many threads about Emory and they have been very insightful.
Any information on Hopkins' international health dept? University of Washington's epidemiology dept? University of Michigan's epidemiology dept? If you've decided to attend one of these programs this coming fall, what factors contributed to your decision?
Visiting each school would be ideal, but I am overseas and am unable to fly back and forth.