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Apr 12, 2007
Ok, so I'm stuck yet again. I'm trying to decide on electives. I've decided that I want to stay in the state I currently live in for multiple reasons. With that said, is there any reason to go outside of the state for electives? Or are away electives in other states much more for the fun and excitement of going to another city as opposed to the educational experience if you know you want to match somewhere in your own state?

Also, how would i go about this: I have decided that I'll do IM (probably GI or nuclear med), psych, or Derm. With that said, I've already done an elective in psych in addition to the regular M3 clerkship. Should I do more psych electives?

As far as medicine, I still have to do my sub-I, but should I select a number of different specialties in IM in order to be more well rounded on residency applications?

In regards to derm, I know how competitive it is, so I'm scared of doing derm electives since I may not match in derm. I'm afraid that residency committees might see derm electives and think, why did this student do these electives?

Or, should I pick electives in various fields since I won't go into them? I have heard people who say to do electives in things you'll never do again. Although, this doesn't seem the wisest.

Another question-are the sites where one does a rotation listed on the transcript?

Please some advice on these matters. Thanks!