CK re-scheduling... PLZ help

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Jan 30, 2006
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So I initially thought I would have time in Nov-Dec to take CK... but I went on 10 interviews and never had time to prepare. Foolishly I scheduled CK for OCT-NOV-DEC. I had to post-pone, knowing that I had rotations for the next three months... I scheduled it for the last possible date, March 31. I will still be in the middle of Psych at that time and would much rather take it at the end of April when I will have free time to study.

However, I have already deferred the test once... Can I do it again? The form sys I can only do it once per registration... but I'm not sure if that means once ever, or only that I can only defer for one three-month cycle at a time.

Anyone know if I can still post-pone it once again? I'd rather know for sure before I cancel my current date.