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Jul 17, 2016
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    To keep everything organized in one place, starting from this year for the class of 2025, we have created a Subforum for School-Specific threads.

    At the moment, these threads are locked but will be unlocked from July 1st (edit: threads are UNlocked now).

    In addition to these threads, I have also made a thread to compare one program to another. In the past, we had many different threads comparing schools, but with this new x vs y school thread, all of the infos can be in one place. Also, I have moved the WAMC thread to this subforum so that it is easier to view it.
    To keep these two threads on top, I have made them as a 'sticky', so you will have to click on the downfacing arrow to view them.

    My goal is to make the Podiatry section of SDN as user friendly as possible, so I hope these changes help prospective students, and if there is something else that you guys would like to be added, then please let me know in this thread. Final point, the posts in the school-specific threads should only be about that program and not another, so for example, in the Scholl thread for 2025, please only talk about Scholl and not Temple (for example). Please follow the TOS and report anything against it. You can access the subform by clicking on the tab, as shown below.

    Thanks and have a wonderful week ahead.

    Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 3.38.18 PM.png
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