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May 19, 2012
Veterinary Student

I will be applying to vet school for the first time this coming cycle.

I am an Animal Science major / Chem minor student at University of Illinois - Urbana

I was just wondering if anyone knew what classes UIUC vet school counts in the science GPA calculation? Because I've been hearing rumors that some classes might not count even though they are science. I'm not sure about other vet schools but if you know what other schools besides Illinois look at too that would be great! I'm trying to figure out which schools to apply to right now. Definitely Illinois because it's my in-state, but I'd like to calculate my science GPA just to see where I'm at.

I know that they add in your math classes, would this be things like calculus, statistics, etc?

Here is a list of science classes I've taken so far/will be taking this fall.
Could anyone please tell me which of these will count? These are all University of Illinois undergrad classes so if anyone is an undergrad at UIUC you'd be familiar with these.

MATH 220 - calc 1
STAT 100 - stats

Gen Chem Lectures & Labs
CHEM 102
CHEM 103
CHEM 104
CHEM 105

Organic Chemistry Lectures & Labs
CHEM 232 = orgo 1 lecture
CHEM 233 = orgo 1 lab
CHEM 332 = orgo 2 lecture

Physics (both are lecture + lab)
PHYS 101
PHYS 102

Molecular/Cellular Biology
MCB 100 = microbiology lecture
MCB 101 = microbiology lab
MCB 450 = biochemistry

Animal Science
ANSC 221 = cells, metabolism & genetics (lecture only class)
ANSC 222 = principles of animal physiology (lecture only class)
ANSC 223 = principles of animal nutrition (lecture only class)
ANSC 224 = animal growth & reproduction (lecture + lab)
ANSC 306 = equine science (lecture + lab)
ANSC 420 = ruminant nutrition (lecture only class)
ANSC 431 = advanced reproductive biology (lecture only class)
ANSC 437 = advanced reproduction management (lecture only class)
ANSC 438 = lactation biology (lecture + lab)
ANSC 452 = animal growth & development (lecture only class)
ANSC 467 = applied animal ecology (lecture + lab)

Other animal science classes I'd like to take next spring are
ANSC 453 = stem cell bio
ANSC 422 = companion animal nutrition

On a side note, for those who took ANSC 103 at UIUC, did you list the stuff you did in that class under animal experience? I didn't think it would count in science GPA but I thought the things I did in that class would be good for animal experience.

Thanks for reading! Good luck to everyone on their applications this year! :)


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Sep 27, 2010
Very true that UI does not count some sciences classes to your science GPA. It is hard to speculate which classes they choose not to count. I can tell you though from my transcript, they counted all my math and chem courses. I was a Zoo major and they counted all those as science except a grad level parasitology course I took :rolleyes:

I took an equine (animal science) form and function course and they did not count it, nor did they count an animal health class I took, both 300 level classes.

Oh should add, the only course they did not count as science from my Zoo degree was ecology.

From your list the only class I could possibly speculate them not counting as science is the equine course, but if you really want to know you can always call and ask. :)