Apr 6, 2011
Are there any out there who have a substantial amount of CLEP credits (20 - 30 credits) who made it into med school?

If so, do you feel that maintaining your GPA was difficult due to CLEP. I.e. generally most students will CLEP the basic GenEd 101 level courses. At my university there is a feeling that these courses are easy. So if you CLEP them does it become harder to keep up a good GPA with the remaning more difficult upper-level classes.


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Jun 28, 2010
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I didn't have any CLEP credits so I guess you can ignore what I say, but I would advise you not to CLEP easy courses. As you said yourself, 101 level GenEd courses are usually very easy and great GPA boosters. With med schools being very competitive (and it's only going to get worse), you're going to want every A you can get.
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