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Dec 15, 2008
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Hello everyone, i'm an italian medical student and at the moment i'm attending the 4th year of the course.
I have won the possibility to make a medical clerkship in egypt with the collaboration of IFMSA (Egypt) and now i have to decide to accept or not..
Firstly i would like to have some informations from you because i'm a bit scared of that opportunity..i know that surely egypt is a really different country from italy and that it has a culture and maybe a practical medicine really different from here.
I'm a female and i was wondering if i will have some problems to live alone for an entire month (which will be august).. I have to say that i would only like to come in Cairo or Alexandria but i'd like to have some suggestions from you.
Is there anyone that has made an experience like that?
Thank you so much for helping me,


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Jan 11, 2009
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Hi Valentina,
I'm Egyptian but I won't be biased though :)
You shouldn't worry at all to live one month or even the entire year on your better have roomates though..Living alone is a boring thing !
Both Cairo and Alexandria are fascinating may suffer a little from crowdness in Cairo but anywhere you will feel so welcomed..My people like foreigns and treat them very well..We have a lot of tourists you know .
I'm not sure about how you will perform your rotations but if you are going to see patients you are going to make much benefits I believe .
If you like to ask about anything ,feel free to do.
By the way I'm a member in a medical students association which in turn a branch of IFMSA .


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Sep 1, 2008
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You shouldnt be too worried.
Just be careful of where to go. Ask people.
People are very firendly and like i said always ask the people who are in college.
U wont have hard time.:)

Make sure u take a dictionary. Arabic/italian one handy with u so that if u needed to say somthing and the person infront of u doesnt understand u could say somthing in arabic if that makes sense.

Good luck and have fun. :)
One of the best countries to visit.
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