Cliff's AP chemistry


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Mar 27, 2008
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i have all the 2009 kaplan stuff, but as i was told on the forum most of you did not study the biology from kaplan. instead cliffs AP biology was used. Im studying cliffs AP biology right now and i love how that thing explains stuff, and i was wondering if anyone had tried and acctualy would recommend Cliff's AP chemistry over kaplan.


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Dec 18, 2008
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I thought the same thing and bought Cliffs AP Chemistry

I would say its no where near as useful as the AP Bio book is

But not only are they written by different authors, its completely different. It doesnt teach you like the AP Bio does. I bought it because I thought it would be just like the AP Bio book.

It is basically just 5 or 6 practice problems, section by section, with explanations. Then I think 1 full length AP exam

Whereas with the AP Bio explains the entire topic before it gives you practice questions, and it also has a full length AP test at the back..(which is useless anyway)

I wouldnt waste my money on it, just use kaplan and your textbook
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