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Feb 15, 2001
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Stephew or anyone else in the know...

:confused: I have read several posts below that indicate that a "satisfactory" grade in clinical rotations is not a good thing when applying for rad-onc. My medical school, in all its infinite wisdom, only gives honors if you score over 90% on the end of rotation shelf test, over 90% on the preceptor evaluation (kinda subjective if you ask me) and you have to write a 6 page paper for each roatation that is graded by the dean and only if that is deemed "worthy", will honors be awarded.

Now even though I have scored over 90 % in my tests and each of my preceptor evaluations (even from preceptors that usually grade really hard) including one that said that he would hire me if I applied to his practice, I have not always had the time to rite out an honors paper and have, therefore ended up with the only other possible grade of satisfactory.

Since I know that the honors system of another medical school in town is relatively easier, how do program committees view these grades. Will they look at the glowing comments by the preceptors in my dean's letter or go by the "S" grade on my transcript. Any opinions will be greatly appreciated.
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