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Dec 4, 2004
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Just curious as to how students are evaluated at the various schools. I'll be starting some this quarter, and it seems like there is an expected minimum standard, however the rest is really dependent on which professor is evaluating you (i.e. some are pickier than others).


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Apr 30, 2000
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At ICO we have practicles, which I presume everyone has. You perform the procedures/techniques that you learned that quarter and a prof. observes and grades you by checking off on a list of points. Then the course coordinator equalizes the scores across all the profs. That means if prof X had and average grade of 83 pts and prof Y had 87 pts, the scores would be equalized to 85 pts. Therefore, some students have their grade raised while other get it lowered. I think this past quarter they may have changed that so no one’s score was lowered, just the low scores were raised. Last year a lot of students were pretty angry when their score was lowered.
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