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Sep 4, 2002
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I have a columbia interivew coming up in about a week and a half. This is my first one, and I'm so nervous already!! Has anybody interviewed with Colulmbia already, and if so, can you give me any pointers. Anything would be greatly appreciated. I already read through the feedbacks from last year. But I'm still not sure what's the best way to prepare for it, and I most likely won't have time for a mock interview.



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Aug 12, 2000
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Okay, I never applied to Columbia, but I think one of the best ways to prepare for ALL interviews (at least when you are starting out) is to do a couple of mock interviews. You have a week and a half until your interview, so yes, you do have time. Ideally, try to find a med student -- should be easy if you are in an area with a med school nearby. Otherwise, ask a friend, professor, or family member who you trust. Show them the interview feedback stuff, give them a list of sample questions, etc.

If you really are convinced that you can't do a mock interview before you go to Columbia, read over your application thoroughly -- EVERYTHING on there (primary and secondary application) is fair game to be talked about during the interview. THINK about how you would answer such broad questions as "Why medicine?" "Where do you see yourself in 10-15 years?", etc. If you have any red flags on your application, THINK about how you will discuss that if asked. I'm emphasizing the word "think" because you don't want to write out your answers or anything like that -- you don't want to sound staged or rehearsed. Finally, try to come up with at least 5 questions to ask during your interview about the school, and try to make them somewhat unique to Columbia. When at a loss, my favorite stand-bys were always to ask the interview what they liked most about that school, and what they would most like to change or improve about the school. Tend to get more interesting answers/discussions than the standard "What options do you have for research," etc.

Relax, sleep well the night before, and good luck!

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Sep 5, 2002
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Columbia has really short interviews, so I doubt that you will be asked unusual questions. Prepare for the usual questions on "why medicine," extracurriculars, research, etc... One of my med school classmates had an interview there that lasted only 5 minutes!!! Mine lasted only 20 minutes. (We both ended up fine.)

And be ready for a long, unstructured day consisting of many boring hours sitting in a tiny room waiting for your interview, esp. if you have a late afternoon one. The campus tours are usually pretty disappointing. (Perhaps because the campus itself is disappointing.)
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