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Dec 7, 2008
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Anyone else have administrators that represent the librarian phenotype-dwelling on irrelevent details and finding excuses to create trouble and add to their own self importance?

So, at his workstation, this resident has a wall phone on the left side. He wants to get a desk phone, so he swaps his phone with another resident workstation (belongs to a 1st year, he's a third-clearly fair game, right?).

gets email from Administrator that the department won't pay the extra expense of replacing his wall phone with a desk phone. (not sure how a free trade got expensive).

since he had surgery on his left shoulder, he says he wants a desk phone because reaching for the other one aggravates the injury. Administrator says he needs a doctor's note. So he calls PM&R to get an appt. Told he will need a referral from PCP. so he calls PCP to get an appt to get a referral for an appt with PMR to get a doctor's note to get a phone on his wall. At that point, he's going to miss 2 hours x 2 visits for his doctor's appointments, perhaps 12 patients x $300 each, and cost our health plan $200 x 2 for visits, + say $400 for this crazy phone.

somehow this administrator had managed to turn something free into a $4000 endeavor.

FINALLY, our chair comes in, looks at the phone, looks at the desk, and says just get him a phone, grumbles a bit, and walks away.

Meanwhile, we're trying to figure out how to save money in the department....

Damnit. somehow when i write it out this way its less funny and more just sad.


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Dec 31, 2008
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It's called petty tyranny.

That's life as a resident for you.

At least your chair is a reasonable man.