Oct 29, 2012
So I was wondering what ppl recommend for comlex 2 prep? I failed comlex 1 the first time around and passed with 450 the second time :/ I really need to step it up for this one . My test is at the end of June. Right now I'm reading thru step up to IM and doing some uworld questions. What books/videos/question banks are most useful? Thank you!


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Nov 16, 2009
Attending Physician
I liked FA for step 2 which I supplemented with FA for ob /gyn, psych, IM, peds, plus savarese, because those are pretty heavily tested. I used combank and comquest, I think that combank was much better for step 2. Also, I downloaded a family practice app..the american board of family medicine practice exam app. It covered the aforementioned topics in the comlex 2 format and threw like 5 curve ball question/topics that came up in my step 2.

That is what I did. You should sit down, think of how much time you have to study and how you learn best. I also would make sure to get at least a 500 on the comsae before taking step 2. I took a comsae after finishing CB but before 4 weeks of CQ and review. Yes, I took like 2 months studying daily/weekends after rotations....didn't take any slack rotations to make study time, but I also crushed it. Just stay on track to take it in June, get a good score, and it should go a long way to make up for step 1. Good luck!