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COMLEX L2 study different from USMLE Stp 2?


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Nov 25, 2002
    How do I prepare for COMLEX level 2 if I am not planning on taking USMLE step 2? (What books or question bank sources?) All I have found in Amazon search are COMLEX Review: Clinical Anatomy and OMM, which I remember to be a COMLEX Level 1 study guide, and First Aid for COMLEX (level unspecified and not yet released) and some very old sources.

    Are people using USMLE Step 2 study guides (First Aid, Secrets, etc.) to prepare for COMLEX Level 2? Are they comparable tests? Is there new OMM material we'll be tested on or are we just supposed to review the info from years 1 and 2, as with the OMT Review book by Savarese, and be tested on it again with no change from how we were tested on that material in COMLEX level 1? How does COMLEX level 2 differ from USMLE step 2?

    Thanks for any input.
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