Mar 24, 2013
***Thread is loaded with questions. Wasn't on planning on it but.... thanks***

I spent 2years (freshman/sophomore) at school "Y"
-had a good rapport with my pre-med advisor and my orgo professor there.

I recently transferred to school "V" (currently in my fall semester Junior year)
-plan to apply to medical schools by the end of this year (2015-2016 cycle)
-spoke with pre-med advisor but was told that she is unsure if she can provide a strong committee letter because this is my first year and was told that I should consider a gap year.

I don't want to take a gap year but if taking a gap year is the only way then I'll have to; do I have to?
I had an embarrassing freshman year (3.1 cGPA). Sophomore year I had a (3.6) Over the summer I took 7cred (4.0)

Currently I have a 3.38 (i know it sucks but I'm banking upward trends). Hoping to get a ~3.8 this semester as most of my tough classes are gone, only biochem/pchem left.

How will schools look at my application when they see that I don't have a committee letter?
Is it possible to obtain a committee letter from school "Y" even though I attend "V"?
Should I consider doing a gap year?

*plan to take the 2015 MCAT*


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Feb 2, 2014
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School Y will most likely not give you a committee letter, but I would think that you could submit LOR from the school to be used with your committee. If you have people at school V that are willing to vouch for you, write you excellent letters then that may sway the committee, or you can choose to forgo the committee letter. When asked in interviews, you could state that because of your recent transfer you didn't feel that their information would be sufficient compared to the writers from your former school.