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Community based / Academic

Discussion in 'General Residency Issues' started by sharqq, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. sharqq

    sharqq Junior Member
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    Sep 19, 2002
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    I want to know the differences between doing residency at a community based hospital vs academic places? Is it one or the other when choosing? Also difference does it make in terms of applying to fellowships? And lastly, I think, does is make a difference when choosing specialties
    Thank in advance for the input
  2. Bitsy3221

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    Sep 28, 2006
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    Resident [Any Field]
    You would probably get much better answers if you post this in the specific specialty forum you are inquiring about, or at the very least tell us what you are applying for.
  3. Winged Scapula

    Winged Scapula Cougariffic!
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    Apr 9, 2000
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    Attending Physician
    You can apply to all university programs, all community based programs, all community programs with a university affiliation or a combination of all of them. There are no restrictions.

    While conventional wisdom has it that university grads have a better chance at getting fellowships, the reality is that many community programs have excellent histories in getting their residents into fellowship training. The advantage of a university program for fellowship training is the contact with people actually doing that specialty, even working with current fellows in that field. But I would not choose a university program over a community one for this reason alone, unless all the community programs had no history in getting residents into fellowship.

    This question is not quite clear to me as most people choose their specialty when applying for residency (unless you are talking about fellowship training). All in all, you can do whatever you want from either type of program except perhaps be the Chair of Surgery at Harvard having trained at Podunk Community Hospital. What makes the most difference is not where you train, what your degree is, but rather your LORs, in training exam scores.

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