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    Let's make a list of classification tests that we need to know for the DAT.

    I'll start.. Anyone else who wants to add on, copy and paste what I have written and add on.

    1. Iodoform
    Positive test with ketones carrying an alpha methyl group and alcohols with a methyl group adjacent to the -OH bearing carbon.
    -A yellow precipitate appears as iodoform is produced.

    2. Tollen's
    -Positive with aldehydes
    Aldehydes are oxidized to carboxylic acids. "silver mirror"
    -Positive with terminal alkynes.
    A yellow precipitate of silver carbide is formed.

    3. 2,4-DNP (2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine) test
    Positive with aldehydes and ketones
    A precipitate is formed as the imine is produced.
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    4. Jone's oxidation or chromic acid test
    -Positive with aldehydes and primary/secondary alcohols.

    5. Lucas test
    -Positive with secondary and tertiary alcohols.
    SN1 reaction. The -OH is protonated, the water leaves, and Cl attacks.

    6. Bromine test
    -Positive with alkenes, alkynes
    The deep brown color of elemental bromine disappears as it is consumed in the reaction.

    7. Sodium Bicarbonate test
    -Positive with carboxylic acids
    CO2 gas is evoloved.
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