Computer science course classification?

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Apr 24, 2015
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I took a class called "Introduction to Discrete Structures" offered by the computer science department with "cmsc" in front of the course number. The class is literally just discrete mathematics, and we even use a book called "Discrete Mathematics". Based on info I have gathered, I should be able to classify this course as math on amcas. However, the word "mathematics" is no where in the course title and I don't want to delay my application while they try to verify this classification. I got an A in the class, and would love to classify it as bcpm. Thoughts?

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You're best bet is to classify the course as BCPM on AMCAS and provide the course description. Admittedly, the title Introduction to Discrete Structures would imply Discrete Mathematics, so it should be classified as a math course. But there's an unfortunate possibility that AMCAS may reclassify as non-science since it has a computer science (COMP) prefix. You can contact them about it in the event if it happens, but you should be comfortable listing it as science.