Concerns about My Enrollment in a Great Pharmacy Program

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Dec 13, 2016
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Hello all.

I am a junior who is heading to his senior year in an undergraduate program, and I would like to know of my chances in getting enrolled into a pharmacy program. My credentials are that I have declared a major in chemistry and completed most of the courses that are listed in my current institution's chemistry curriculum. In addition, I have completed neither biochemistry, microbiology, nor the second level of anatomy and physiology course. I have not gained experience in a pharmacy setting and have a 3.1+ science GPA. Supposing I earn a decent score on the PCAT exam, I would like to enroll in a pharmacy institution that will greatly prepare me for the NAPLEX exam in the future.

What must I do to reach my goal?

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-gain experience in a pharmacy setting! Make sure pharmacy's what you want to do. Make sure to ask the pharmacists you work with what they think about the job market in your area. Realize that many urban areas are saturated and you may need to move to find a job.
-don't worry about the NAPLEX; most people pass on the first try regardless of which school they attended
to get into a non-diploma mill, get your GPA up to a 3.4 at the least and try for a PCAT of 70+. For your own sake, don't apply to any recently (within the last 7 yrs) established private schools
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Hi @PodStud101, second year student at UMD School of Pharmacy here I wouldn't worry too much about NAPLEX right now. Pharmacy schools will train you to study for it once you begin your pharmacy school career. Focus on your grades especially if you haven't taken anatomy, physiology, etc. A 3.1 science GPA is acceptable, but make it your priority to have an upwards trend in grades for your senior year. Study hard for the PCAT, especially for the science sections. I didn't have pharmacy experience before applying, but I did work in a nursing home. Hope this helps!
UNC kid chiming in. I would look into the stats of each school and try to compare yours to the average. A 3.1 isn't too bad, but it isn't brilliant for better schools. I've known students with 3.1 GPAs who've gotten into a great pharmacy program, but they compensated with better rec letters, PCAT scores or more experience. You'd have to do well on the PCAT. As above mentioned, don't worry about the NAPLEX at this point. That's really based on how well you study yourself.