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Conference for Premeds

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by uniteforsight, Nov 12, 2005.

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    Mar 8, 2005
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    Many of you may be interested in attending this conference during the spring. The early bird reduced registration rate ($30 for students) ends on December 1.

    International Health Conference at Yale University in April 2006 - Early Bird Registration!
    "Empowering Communities to Bridge Health Divides"

    When: April 1-2, 2006
    Where: Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
    Theme: "Empowering Communities to Bridge Health Divides"
    Who should attend? Anyone interested in medicine, health education, health promotion, public health, international health, international service, nonprofits, or eye care
    Conference Goal: To empower conference attendees to identify health needs and to develop solutions to improve access to care for the medically underserved
    How to Register - Early Bird Registration! http://www.uniteforsight.org/2006_annual_conference.php
    Early Bird Registration Rate: $30 student rate; $40 for all others

    Conference Highlights: A Few of the Scheduled Presentations
    Complete schedule can be seen at http://www.uniteforsight.org/2006_annual_conference.php

    Keynote Address: "Environment, Behavior and Health: Societies Matter" Al Sommer, MD, MHS
    "The Challenges of Pediatric AIDS in Africa - A Lesson in Hope and Humanity" Shaffiq Essajee, BMBCh
    "Global Health Governance in a Time of Rapid Change: Opportunities and Concerns" Derek Yach, MBChB, MPH
    "Millenium Development Goals," Josh Ruxin, MPH, PhD
    "Community Approaches to Achieve Global Health Goals,"Jacob Kumaresan, MD, MPH, Dr.PH
    "Women's Health: A Global Overview," Allan Rosenfield, MD
    "Strengthening Community Capacity for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health," Charles MacCormack
    "Gender Disparities in Blindness and Visual Impairment" Ilene Gipson, PhD
    "Update on Vision 2020: the Right to Sight," Louis Pizzarello, MD
    "Infinite Vision - The Story of Dr. V(enkataswamy) and the Aravind Eye Care System," Pavithra Krishnan
    "Social Entrepreneurship and Presbyopia" Jordan Kassalow, OD, MPH

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