confused if applying to certain "tracks" within peds residencies impacts chances of interview?


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Jun 3, 2014
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The title of the thread basically says it all - for programs that require you to apply via ERAS to specific tracks (and/or to the main categorical peds program), if I were to apply to some of the tracks and to the main categorical program, does that increase the chances of me getting multiple interview invites to that program, or would I just be considered for the one portion of the program for which I am the best fit? I ask because my significant other has good job options in a couple cities and am trying to maximize my chance of going to one of those places - so getting multiple interviews at one program in a city that works well for us ( = multiple options to match there) would be helpful...thoughts on this?


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Jul 6, 2006
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Most often, the programs with tracks will just keep multiple match lists, so if you match into one of the tracks, great, but if not, you'll just be considered in the categorical program. Generally, they will consider you for interview either way, so applying to more tracks does not increase your chances, merely increases the number of people you interview with.