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    I am considering Ross University and I was hoping that maybe this post will be read by a Ross graduate in residency. I have an uncle who is a prominent physician...1) will that help me getting a "special" appointment, and 2) how do I ask him for this help?
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    You mean "special" appointment as in for admissions to Ross or residency?

    If you mean by admissions, sure why not. If his name is well known and he writes a stellar letter for you, it might catch their eyes.

    If you mean by residency, it all depends on his connections and your scores.
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    Ive seen several "sons and daughters of" trying to get preferential treatment. In one case a kid managed to trasnfver from my school to where he dad is - note she had to go abroad first as he scores weren't good enough, but ive not doubt dad helped her tranfer. In every other case I have not seen this help a student at all get a residency (in radonc at least). What i do see is letters of recommendation that excellent students get on their own in clincals from prominent folks. This holds weight.

    The reason is simply that a residency program is a groupd of people who 1) have to work with you for a few years and 2) who want to be proud to have you as a graduate. So you have to prove yourself generally.

    Sure ask your uncle for a letter. But do your best to earn accolades. In less competitive fields this may hold more water. Good luck.

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