Contact by program before Match Day

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Nov 14, 2002
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well, a friend of mine got contacted indirectly (through a 3rd party) by a program telling him essentially that he has matched.

apparently it was all very roundabout--not told directly, but gist was clear.

so looks like match results are ready

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Explain what you are talking about, that does not make sense in light that nothing has been posted or given to anyone yet?
I could see how that could happen if he ranked the program #1 and the program ranked him very high (#1 or whatever) then it is a no-brainer.

I doubt anyone knows the official results yet. Don't programs find out on the same day as everyone else?
a little birdy at a certain place i interviewed informed me where i'll be for the next 4 years of my life. CAN'T WAIT!!!:clap: :cool: :eek: :laugh: :p :clap: :smuggrin:
DocTim....looks like its Utah for PM&R congrats. By the way, this is surely only because you know you ranked them #1 anf the PD saying he ranked you highly as well? Congrats
A couple of years ago my friend received a FedEx package from his program the day before the Match. While a bit of a let down that he didn't get to match with the class, it was his number one program.
ok, now i'm confused. i thought the programs found out the same day we do about where everyone matched, not before, so how can they be calling people already and tell them they've matched (for sure) at their program?? could someone please clarify??

i'm totally flipping out b/c no one has called me :( sniff sniff
Don't worry!!! No program participating in the NRMP has any absolute verification of their match list at this time. The programs don't even learn if they filled until 1/2 hour before the scramble starts!

As stated in previous posts, the only way a PD can assure a medical student a match is if they were ranked in the top positions (i.e. if they offer 10 spots and the applicant is ranked anywhere from #1-#10).

Programs going through NRMP do not learn the names of those who matched with their program until the day prior to the official match day for the residents. However, it is a violation of the NRMP agreement to contact any of the residents with whom they matched until after the official resident match day/time.