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Nov 7, 2008
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If a program has both advanced and categorical spots for certain specialty, does this count as 2 contiguous ranks? For example, according to the charting outcomes data around 9 contiguous ranks for anesthesia gives one about a 90% chance to match. So if one went on 6 interviews and 3 of those interviews having both advanced and categorical this would count as 9 contiguous ranks?

Example rank list

1) Program A
2) Program B
3) Program C
4) Program D categorical
5) Program D advanced
6) Program E categorical
7) Program E advanced
8) Program F categorical
9) Program F advanced
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May 26, 2011
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Aug 22, 2005
I believe that the answer is yes.

BTW...don't get too wrapped up on the number of programs you rank. Yes...the more you rank, the higher the likelihood that you will match...but the truth is that most people who match, match within their top 3. It is more than just a statistical game...the more invites that you receive, the more suggestive that you are a strong candidate.

A much better predictor of whether or not you will match is the percentage of invitations you receive. For instance...the person who applies to 12 programs and get 12 invites is a much better applicant than someone who applies to 120 programs and gets 12 invites. I believe that you are doing pretty well if you are getting invites to over a third of the programs you applied, and rank the NRMP suggestion to get a 90% match rate...but even then there is no guarantee.

The key to matching is being ranked to match by at least one program. Invitations are opportunities to impress a program enough to have you ranked to match. I can guarantee that if you have 20 contiguous ranks, NRMP says that you only need 10 to have a 90% to match, but you get ranked in the bottom 10% by every program you won't match. On the other hand, you could be like my wife...applied to 2 two invites...ranked two program...and was ranked to match by at least one of those programs. She matched.
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