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Soooo... what do you do if all you've got are waitlists? At what point do you start thinking about reapplying/retaking MCAT's, etc? How long do you stick it out for? And what do you do about financial aid??

What are your possible contingency plans?
Is it too late to apply for masters programs or other programs?
Do you just find a job? I mean, you have to survive somehow, right?

Also, how often should you bug admissions offices about the waitlist? At what point are you officially considered "annoying"? I haven't done anything yet - in fact, a part of me feels like I have too much pride to be calling them everyday. But I've heard that's what you're supposed to do...

Any advice?

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Jun 27, 2004
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there's a fine line between enthusiastic and annoying. call them or write to them when you have somethign to update them with. write letters to express your great interest. You can't exactly write a letter of intent to more tnna one aschool, so pick one and write it. if you hit it off with an interviewer or dean by all means call them and see what thery can do for you. best of luck.

edit: wow i know my tying sucks but it's never as bad as this was...i feel like a zombie right now
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