contradicting explanations to answers between TPR Verbal Workbook and EK 101


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Oct 6, 2008
For example in TPR, (after having done quite a few of EK verbal),

i came across a question (Test 1, Page 165, #18)
"all of the following maybe be inferred from the passage except...."
As i searched through the answer choices, I came across one that was EXPLICITLY stated as an answer. I picked this assuming "hey..if its explicitly stated, it isnt inferred"

The above logic is pretty widespread in ExamKrackers 101. So when I got it wrong, I was worried, because it would probably be an explanation of one of the "right" answers in EK.

how does this boil down to questions on the real deal? any opinions?


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May 6, 2009
There was probably an even better answer, i.e. one that was just plain wrong, that you should have picked
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