Cornell vs. CCLCM


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Dec 20, 2019
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    Hi all, I am lucky to be choosing between these two great programs and would appreciate some help. I am vaguely interested in surgery, maybe ortho (although this may change later on). I don't believe there is a big prestige difference between the two, so it is not a factor in my decision. Let me know your thoughts.


    - Many opportunities for surgical training, particularly ortho through HSS.
    - Ability to do research at some of the best centers in their respective fields (MSK, Rockefeller, NYP, HSS)
    - Living in NYC sounds exciting!
    - Some don't like this, but I love the fact that students live across the street from Weill Cornell and within walking distance to all the institutions.
    - Robust global health programs.
    - 1.5 year pre-clinical, leaving 6 months of dedicated research time.
    - Great match list
    - 4 year program

    - Cost will be higher than if I were to attend CCLCM (although likely less than 100k)
    - AOA and clinical grades may give rise to competition.
    - It would be harder (and more expensive) to do a second degree if I wanted.
    - Arguably less impactful clinical exposure than at Cleveland Clinic? (I'm not sure about this one)


    - Great program with extensive research incorporated into the curriculum.
    - $$ Received a full tuiton+living stipend for all years, hence graduating truly debt-free.
    - No AOA grades or ranking.
    - Great clinical exposure.
    - Free second degree if I decide to pursue it.
    - Great match list

    - Housing is not as easy or convenient to find compared to Cornell
    - I will need a car, hence adding an expense I wouldn't have at WCMC.
    - 5-year program (this is by far my biggest con)
    - Mandatory lectures are not my cup of tea.
    - Cleveland is not as exciting as NYC.
    - May not be recognizable to people outside the medical field (not really that important, but true)

    Interested to read your input. Thank you!
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    Mar 14, 2009
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      I would pick Cornell! I have personally liked having AOA at my school - it helped push me to achieve more than I would have otherwise, and I'm happy to have it on my app for the fall. But some people feel very differently about it. NYC >>> Cleveland, and if you want ortho HSS is a big draw. I don't love the idea of a mandatory 5th year, although the research would definitely help with matching in the future. Also mandatory lecture blows.
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      Aug 15, 2016
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        Sounds like Cornell is your spot, since you get to be classmates with me ;)

        Honestly, I want our class to push for getting rid of AOA. Administration was already talking about it, but those talks had been tabled due to corona. I hope we can revive those discussions and do away with AOA before clerkships start for us.

        either way:
        No car> needing a car
        NYC > Cleveland
        4 years >> 5 years

        is enough for me to pick Cornell over CCLCM
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