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Nov 23, 2005
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Basically, here is my situation: I am a business major who wants to take my required pre-med curriculum. I wish to remain at my current university and do this.

My parents disagree, and want me to finish my business degree here (no med classes) and graduate (could be done by December 2006), and then go to a university closer to home and take my pre-medical courses there full-time (much cheaper tuition/fees/etc). They would pay for all of this.

I want to mix in my business and pre-med classes, and would be graduating and done with all classes in fall 2007 (my original business degree graduation time was spring 2007)...the parentals have threatened to cut off funding unless I follow their wishes. Here, I have an EMS job, 2 volunteer EMT jobs, friends that I love, and an environment that I don't want to leave. Mom & dad are refusing to co-sign on alternative loans for me to finish my education here (with pre-med courses). :( They say if I start taking science courses here, they'll cut me off soon. I honestly feel that I would make better grades and be more prepared/qualified for medical school by staying here.

After undergrad, I would sign an HPSP contract with the military, and my medical school would be paid for. Getting up to that point is the problem.

Without a co-signer for loans, I am dead in the water. I do not (to my knowledge) qualify as an independent on FAFSA (I am 19, have no kids, am not a veteran, etc.)

So basically, my parents are blackmailing me/holding me at gunpoint. Any ideas?

I'd have to take out loans (they won't co-sign), become independent and then be eligible for more federal aid (which I don't see how that could happen)...or...something else?


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Aug 4, 2003
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It sounds like you're gonna need to do some serious negotiating with your parents. Is their only reason for wanting you to return close to home the cost? What would be the difference in cost of you staying another year (thru Dec 2007, right?) where you are vs returning home? You could try to negotiate a plan to pay the cost difference. How much are you able to save from your current job? You may need to decrease your time spent in the volunteer EMT jobs and get another paying job. Just tossing out ideas . . .

I wish you much luck in getting this all figured out.
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Apr 1, 2003
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Coming from a Texas A&M graduate, EMT for six years (3 at A&M), now MS4 applying to Emergency Medicine residencies - stay at Texas A&M for your premedical coursework if at all possible! With the vet. school at A&M, there are much more opportunities to take advanced biological science courses that you would not have at another university in Texas. A&M is the TOP feeder undergraduate school in TX to medical schools (not t.u.).

That being said, it is (of course) not impossible to get into med. school with your premed. coursework taken somewhere else (assuming you will go to a major 4 year university and not a community college or something).

Can you not get any Stafford loans? Have you talked with financial aid at A&M? Let them know your entire situation, you should not have to be held hostage by your parents. The financial aid dept. at TAMU is very good at working with your situation.

If you need any more information about pre-med at A&M, EMS, etc. feel free to PM me. Good luck!

Scott, MS4
UT Houston Med School class of '06
TAMU EMS, TAMU Rec Sports Medic '98-'02
Texas A&M class of '02
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