Aug 13, 2015
Im 19 years old living in the UK. I am currently studying visual effects and am about to enter my first year of uni. I have been hesitant about following this career choice for a while but I havent really thought about any other option so I thought I'd listen to what my parents said to me while I was growing up "become a doctor". I mean I undestand medicine is probably one of the hardest fields to get into but my current career choice is a very competetive one and I'm not very passionate about the field im in at the moment and you need to be very passionate to succeed.

I didn't get the best grades during highschool It was something like mostly C's and like the odd B in something completely irrelevent to science ofc.

When I think about what I like to do is give people advice I thought about psychiatry. The main issue with me going into medicine is my grades. I dont have the required science degrees because I chose Visual Effects. Are there any programs for people like me who chose a different A-Level to get into med school?

I don't really know what is required to become a psychiatrist so If anyone could help with with that It would be much appreciated.

Well based on what you guys now know about me I'd also very much appreciate suggestions about different fields to maybe look at.

Thank you :D


7+ Year Member
Apr 24, 2013
Not sure how UK compares to US in requirements but if it's even remotely comparable, you will need even more passion, determination and excellent grades to have a chance at getting into medical school.

It should definitely not be a 'backup route' to your current pursuit. It sounds like what you may be interested in is counseling, which for us is a masters level (mid level) healthcare provider, which would be significantly easier to enter into and attain than psychiatry, where you would likely do minimal counseling and primarily be managing medications for people.
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