Counting Assessment Hours

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How would you count well-validated assessments administered during research

  • Definitely neuropsychological assessment (F2F hours!!!)

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Apr 23, 2012
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Just a little confused about this topic since APPIC doesn't give specific (enough) guidelines. What stance does everyone take on whether research assessments count as face-t0-face hours? I'm referring to using well-validated measures like WCST. In other words, has anyone been counting them under neuropsychological assessment (specifically if you're not giving the participant any feedback about performance, diagnosis, etc)?


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It's a slight gray area, but the APPIC rules, at least as of a couple years ago when I last read them, say that you can count these hours of research as long as it was part of a clinical research project. So, the question would be, were these research subjects a clinical population, or rando undergrads?
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