Jul 28, 2009
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Does anyone know the risk and benefits of letting residencies know you are couple's matching? Should you definitely click the box on ERAS that says you are planning on it?


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Oct 11, 2006
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Benefits: PD's talk to each other. If I like you lots, maybe your partner's PD will move them up the list or vice versa.

Risks: PD's could be worried that, if you match in separate cities, that you'd bail after one year. If you're both applying to the same field, then the PD might have an "all or none" attitude (ie interview both or neither).

Overall, I expect it really doesn't matter much either way. You can always tell any PD you want that you are couples matching.


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Mar 26, 2008
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IMHO – always better to be open and up front w/ your future PDs about the couples match. That being said…

Benefits: In addition to what aPD said, declaring yourselves a couple could make things easier coordinating/scheduling interviews with a given program. Also, some programs are “couples friendly”. Couples tend to be happier when they’re together, and most PDs seem to like happy residents (go figure).

Risks: That “all or none” approach I think applies more to smaller programs, perhaps looking for more resident diversity. If both applicants are strong though, don’t think it matters much. One other possible risk - if you happen to be a same-gender couple, you could run into some discrimination along the way. All the more reason to be open w/ the program. You wouldn’t want to end up there for 3+ years.