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There is no requirement for a course in anatomy and/or physiology, so I'm sure you can get as specific as you want with it.

Their requirement is usually just 8 hours of general (intro) biology.
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In regard to Physiology and Anatomy classes, do medical schools prefer courses specifically containing information about human anatomy, etc. or do they want a more comprehensive course?

A lot of medical schools will tell you (on their websites or if you talk to them) to actually NOT take a bunch of medically-related courses in college, since after all, that's all you're going to be taking in med school and learning about the rest of your life. Having said that, if you want to take them (which I did anyway too:D), any of those will either fall under biology (BCPM) or Health Sciences (non-BCPM). They don't care how specific or general the course is, just whether or not it falls under BCPM GPA or non-BCPM.


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In that case, it still doesn't matter, just take whatever A/P courses you'll be interested in and also do well in, no matter how specific or broad.

Thanks. I think I will take the human anatomy and/or physiology classes because I honestly do not think I could get interested in studying th physiology of plants or the anatomy of all the different species types. I want to have a strong background in human anatomy, etc. so I will be better prepared for medical school classes.
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