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Jan 24, 2018
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Hello everyone, just writing a few lines on my experience on CPE. Obviously I can’t say much but I’ll be brief:
I passed all sections first try and studied for 3 months working 2 jobs and with a family.
Best advise is to study the manual, study all techniques write down and understand it and learn it in such way that your examiners can feel your confidence while explaining or demonstrating things.
Learn the most common diseases for the species most Common treatment for them and how to diagnose them, really don’t try to learn every single detail on every single disease, that’s impossible and the examiners know that, they’re humans and they’re doctors, they know. I know I’m just saying things you already know but really confidence in what you know is number 1. Surgery and anesthesia are the most nerve wrecking encause fatal flaws in very simple things, practice many many spays and anesthesia, and be confident in your knowledge.
Best luck to everyone and god bless you guys, I hope every one can the best experience on their tests.

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