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Jul 11, 2012
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Hi everyone,
I am an out of state pharmacist trying to study for the CPJE. I am planning to buy the RXPREP to study all over again. Please give your input of what materials you think is more helpful for studying this exam. Thanks in advance.

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Straight from reddit and i Would agree with them
I used rx prep (both law & regular clinical) and rx charts from eBay. Altogether I paid a pretty penny for everything but less than I would have paid had I failed. I graduated last year and took the "new" version of the test FYI.

The biggest thing when studying is you need to understand where the CABOP is coming from and what they want to accomplish. Basically they care less that you know the laws and more that you're not going to kill someone -- which is utterly stupid in my book but this state does some pretty dumb **** so I'm not surprised.

With that in mind be aware that the majority of the questions are clinical and have to do with appropriate dosing, appropriate indication, side effects, monitoring parameters, etc. for example you could have a question with a drug name and it will ask what one or the side effects is. I don't remember any weird side effects coming up though - it was all stuff you should know as a pharmacist. You might also be given an example like escitlopram 10 mg daily for anxiety and you will be asked is this an appropriate indication or appropriate dosing schedule. Some were obviously totally inappropriate (dose is 100x higher than normal) but most of my questions I felt like there was nothing wrong with the dosing or indication. rxcharts will tell you they like to ask about IV incompatibilities and HIV questions -- I wound up guessing on the former and was very glad I really studied the latter. You should know the different combos of HIV drugs and their side effects - I spent a good day on learning all of them. In general you gotta know top 200 of brand generic and hope you don't get any random questions or that you happen to know a random generic - I think I got one random and I was able to guess which generic it corresponded to because I knew the brand names of all the other choices on the list.

In terms of actual law stuff there's really not much but you gotta know it all. Which drugs are CIIs and consequently what you would have to order with a 222 form, which ones are controls, rules around dispensing those.

I also did have a handful of some really random questions that I had NO idea the answer to much less what they were asking. I walked out thinking I was probably a few questions short of passing but I did! In general from my small sample size (n=8) if you think you passed you probably didn't. But don't get too discouraged!

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