Jun 8, 2009
for all those of you who have bought and tried the CRACK DAT MATH and taken the DAT after, has it helped you a lot?

I was looking to buy it but it is as usual expensive. They only have a 10 set version and not a 5 exam version like they have for PAT

I am currently using the destroyer and doing 40 questions times for 45 min. I know speed is definitely something to work on math and besides that my math is fine. I do great when i dont time it but when i do my score drops easily by 4 points.

I will use top score and achiever to practice full length tests. I was wondering if in addition to those will it significantly be helpful if I purchase the CRACK math. I know for a fact i wont be able to do all 10 tests but I may do about 4 atleast 6 to not feel guilty about spending so much.

Will it be really helpful and worth it or should i just stick to topscore and achiever?