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Creating more space in spite of many constraints

Discussion in 'Housing (Temporary and Long-term)' started by Stewart11, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Stewart11

    Aug 2, 2011
    Likes Received:
    The Builders in Kerala are credited with creating additional spaces for the ever-increasing urban population in the state. Even though their efforts are laudable, much more needs to be done. If the present rural to urban migration is not controlled by the government, then even if all the leading builders pool together their efforts to create additional spaces, it won’t be enough. The following measures if implemented in a time bound manner will greatly help to address a majority of the problems.

    1.Increasing employment opportunities to the community by locating light industries and commercial centers in and around the suburbs of all the prominent cities will restrict the movement of job-seekers to the city centers
    2.Neighborhood shopping centers to meet the everyday needs should be located in such a way that people can meet their daily needs with great convenience, less strain and less dependence on the automobile
    3.Vertical expansion of the cities should be encouraged. A judicious and efficient use of space should be done
    4.To control the volume of traffic special traffic, regulations should be made. Electronic signaling system, one-way traffic, pedestrian traffic and pedestrian subways, off-street parking, closing shopping streets and avenues to big cars etc must be encouraged.
    5.To prevent air pollution due to the increasing number of automobiles on the road, walking should be encouraged
    6.The use of small, low speed, energy efficient vehicles, bicycles for local trips will help to substitute the role now performed by full size automobiles
    7.The concept of neighborhood schools is a must, since most schools located in the prominent centers are the main cause of urban transport problems

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