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Feb 7, 2007
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  1. Pre-Medical
Can anyone tell me my chances of getting into the following schools with these credentials?

Harvard - MSPH
Yale - MPH
Emory - MPH
Dartmouth - MPH

UG: Dartmouth College
GPA: 3.0
GRE: 1320 (M 750, V 570)
Double Major: Statistics, Sociology
Pre-Medical Track
Writing a thesis for the stats major
Previous work at Yale School of PH one summer but no research/experience in PH aside from that

I'm kind of regretting not applying to more schools since I applied in late November and haven't heard from any schools yet. :confused:

Thanks so much!


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Aug 8, 2004
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i think there's a good chance you'll get into BU, but you'll havta pay through the nose.
I had much higher numbers than you in my GPA and verbal, but came from UCSC and didn't have any problem getting into BU. I didn't come from Dartmouth. I also was a bio major, and although I am good at math, most aren't so the fact you already have a strong stats background really works for you.
I didn't apply to those others.
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