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    Not that this belongs here but you guys are all pretty smart.

    My wife never had her own credit card, I simply added her name to my account when we got married. We were thinking of getting one of those new fangled ones with all the airfare miles and she was gonna just establish the card herself for the two of us (I'm away right now so it's easier this way).

    Question: Since she never established a card herself does she have "bad" credit even though I have very good credit? Or does "our" credit just carry over from now on?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Nope, her credit isnt "bad". Its just unestablished. She wont be able to get a car/house loan, or help contribute to same, without credit.

    Start small, like trying to get her her own credit card account...even if its with a low limit ($250-500). Then charge a little, something you were gonna buy anyway with your checkbook, and pay it on time.
    Just dont end up like most american families carrying credit card debt month to month.
    Good luck.
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