CSPM break schedule

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Jan 16, 2019
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Hello, hope everyone is doing well!

I'm going to be attending CSPM this fall and I'm just starting to do some planning and preparations. Currently I see that they have a 2020-2021 academic calendar and from that it looks like during breaks such as spring, winter, and summer break, there are no classes but clinical rotations will continue. Do students only have the spring/winter/summer breaks during their first year and then once they reach second year they won't have official breaks due to clinical rotations? My family lives overseas, so I'm trying to get an idea of possibly when I may be able to travel to see them since given current regulations, it will be difficult to go prior to starting school. Also what do students typically do during the summer break between the 1st and 2nd year?

Thanks for your insight!

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Wife and I saved up and took a trip to Japan summer after 1st year. We took another trip summer after 2nd year.

If you have scheduled rotations during break, you are obligated to go to them. It may sound unfair but you will also have months where you have off while your classmates are on rotation- so it balances out.

You will have time to visit your family overseas. My classmate right now is currently out of the country visiting their family for their off month.

Any break you get- use it to actually take a break.

You will never get that time back to spend with your SO/family/friends doing things you like to do. It only gets busier in residency and even as an attending.
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2nd year, it depends on your rotation schedule. I'm sure you'll be in the lottery system regarding your clinic group being matched with rotation schedules soon (if you havent gone through this process already). Certain profs will allow you to slam all your rotation dates into one or two days (back to back) so you may be able to spend time with your families. I wouldn't schedule anything longterm if you arent guaranteed having it off but generally, you end up with major holidays off.

I had a true summer break (2mo off) as my group lucked into the lottery. My "summer break" between 1st and 2nd yr, went on a road trip for a month but also shadowed my mentor for a month. Shadow as much as you can, especially if you can go into the OR with them. There's so much to learn. Even if it makes no sense what-so-ever when you see it, remember it. Write it down. As you take these classes, the puzzles start to fit.

I remember my mentor teaching me about Chilblains regarding a pt we saw, during my shadowing. I ended up being taught it in Pod Surg the following year. These things are much easier to remember when you see it first hand.
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