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Oct 30, 2006
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If you search the forum for "Colorado" and "CSU" you'll find about a half dozen inquiries and no responses from students or grads. Which is disappointing. Note that CSU also refers to California State University, of which there are about 30 campuses...

I'm not finding the highly entertaining, also scary, series of threads from a year or so ago that had a poster posing as faculty from the Colorado program. This individual posted more general misinformation than I've ever seen. This was disturbing, but I don't think it necessarily reflects on the program. Looks like they maybe took down the threads, regardless.

As I advised in the past, I recommend that you contact the program and ask to speak to some of its grads who are currently in med school. If you do this, please come back and post your findings.

Best of luck to you.


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Dec 20, 2010

I have not attended the program, but have been in contact with the university. Here are a couple of questions I have asked with their answers.

-Does the university have any linkages to medical schools?
No, CSU does not have any affiliation with med schools. However, we do have a strong reputation for preparing our students well for med school.

-Do you have any statistics on what percentage of graduates who successfully complete the program go onto medical school (MD or DO)?

My most reliable statistics are taken at the end of the program due to the difficulty keeping track of our very mobile alumni. What we find is that our program is more successful helping students get into professional school after they have completed it (it allows professional schools to see their performance over the entire program, rather than simply one semester), rather than while they are in it. This means that our statistics improve beyond the program, at the exact time which they are harder to capture. That aside, what we typically see is that approximately 40% of those who have aspirations to go to med school are accepted into med school by the end of the program; this percentage increases after graduation.

Obviously they have trouble keeping track of their alumni and where the end up, or their acceptance rates are not very high. I do not have any concrete data to back this up. This is just the feeling I got from the response I received. I hope this helps!