Current Chapman or Recent Chapman Alumni: Need Advice Please

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Apr 30, 2016
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I got accepted to Chapman for the upcoming cohort, however I am having second thoughts after perusing the curriculum.

I see that there is a lot of "neuro" courses compared to the amount of "ortho" courses.

From your experience, do you feel that your curriculum was tailored towards the "neuro" side?

Also, I was wondering if Chapman had any classes that focused on manual therapy/tissue massage/soft-tissue mobilization?

After graduating a DPT program, I want to enter an ortho/sports PT setting that focused on manual therapy/tissue massage/soft-tissue mobilization and I'm afraid that Chapman might not be the best place for me if they don't offer at least one class on manual therapy. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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Disclaimer: I don't know anything about Chapman. Just general info hear. I'd reach out to them if you have specific questions about the curriculum; they'll want to help you.

General info:

Programs pretty much have one ultimate goal: get their students prepared to pass the board exam. The board exam focuses on certain topics more than others, so certain topics will be stressed more in school. Most curriculums are going to be fairly similar because the board exam is fairly similar year to year.

Neuro impacts pretty much everything in PT, no matter which setting you end up working in. As such, most programs I am aware of are very heavy on Neuro material.

I had one four week class in my program that focused solely on manual, but we learn manual therapy techniques in many, many classes. Again, that is fairly common from what I have heard.