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    Now that it's getting close to Thanksgiving, we're running a contest to hear advice you've received that you're most thankful for! This can be any type of advice and the advice with the most reactions will win!




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Jan 11, 2001
Erie, PA, USA
    Where do I begin?? Faculty--some are great lecturers some are not. Some of the most brilliant are the worst lecturers. I suppose that goes for any school, but all of them are very willing to take time to help students with any questions or problems. This was one thing that surprised me. My vision of Med school profs was not at all the kind and caring faculty we have at LECOM.
    Classes vary--E-mail me and I can give you a breakdown of what I know. Student life is as varied as they come. Many are married, but not a majority. There are many activities organized by the SGA and other student organizations. Students are very social. Unlike what I've seen posted about other schools, it is a very friendly environment. I'm married with kids and am involved with two clubs and have a group of great friends from school that I go out with as time permits. Most get together regularly and do dinners, movies, parties, and what ever.
    As for living arrangements, there are a number of apartment complexes along W. Grandview that are reasonable and really close.
    See you in the fall!

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    Oct 4, 2000
      Hello there Sammy. I am from Tennessee, and I will be attending LECOM this August. Do you know of any cheap apartments that are close to the school? Also, do you have any advice for driving in the snow? Here in Tennessee we don't get a lot of snow. Do you know anything about the books for first semester? When do you buy those? Were they expensive?
      Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.



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      Feb 16, 2001
      Miami, FL, USA
        Hello all,

        I've got an interview at LECOM in about a week, and I wondered if any of you could give me an idea of what to expect. I've never been to Erie, or anywhere remotely close to it. (I'm from MIA) (I had an interview at UMDNJ, which is 20 +/- mins. from Phili...)

        Is it a panel interview? How diverse is the student body there?

        Any info. you can offer would be greatly appreciated! Thanx!
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