CV, would this be wrong?

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Oct 8, 2009
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I've been putting off actually submitting my applications (they are all about 90% done) because I want to have the most up to date CV possible. Here's the situation.....

I've been trying to get a job as a line therapist for autism. I've interviewed with an organization about three months ago and was offered the job. Due to my thesis commitments, I had to turn it down. However, I was told that if my situation ever changed I should let them know (line therapists are in high demand around here).

My final semester of undergrad is LITE, I have classes twice a week. I emailed the organization about my availability, saying I could start training in December. They thanked me and asked me to contact them in December. Here's the question.

Should I put this on my CV for the schools with a December 1st deadline? It would be a huge help because some of the professors I want to work with study autism. From what was said in their (the organizations) email, this job sounds almost certain.

The extremely moral part of me feels like this is lying, but I don't want to avoid something that could potentially help me get accepted.

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No, you cant really put expected employments in your CV. I would mention your "plan to work there" in your personal statements though.
yeah i agree, sometimes it's better just to submit it. you can always bring up changes, if you are selected, etc., etc.