May 20, 2009
I took my first DAT today and this is what I got.

PAT 16
QR 15
RC 19
BIO 20
GC 21
OC 18

TS 19
AA 19

I usually finish the science portion with half an hour remaining but some how during the real test, I ran out of time and had to fill in the random answers for the last 1 minute. That's probably why my OC is so bad. After that science portion I was completely shell shocked because of all of the answers that i had to guess on. I even saw that I forgot to fill in a couple of answers because I think I double clicked on the answer twice or something and thats probably how my original answers got unchecked. I went back to fill it in but it was too late. I am not going to take the DAT again....i dont care what any dental school says.....


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Jan 28, 2008
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i would be happy if i got those scores 19, 19 are good averages, esp for this being the first time you took them!

dentene ice

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Jun 2, 2009
how many questions do you think you missed on the science section because your science scores are awesome?
each section in particular that is?
You must have gotten everything else correct!!