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D.O. needing training in PA, FL


New Member
Apr 27, 2009
I'm a D.O. in the process of applying for fellowships. I recall that if you didn't do a AOA osteopathic internship as part of your residency, you're not allowed to practice in certain states - FL, PA, MI....

I did an allopathic transitional year instead.

Is this still true?
There are a few fellowships in PA and FL that I'd like to apply to and obviously, I would need a license to do my training there. Is there a way to appeal this?
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Winged Scapula

Staff member
Volunteer Staff
Apr 9, 2000
  1. Attending Physician
AFAIK, Florida, Michigan, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and West Viriginia still require a TRI to be licensed in those states.

From the AOA: "Effective July 2008, the AOA will observe a new policy for osteopathic OGME-1 training year education. An AOA-approved 1st Year Training has always been, and continues to be, a requirement for granting approval of osteopathic postdoctoral residency training.

This new restructuring does not eliminate that requirement; however, the restructuring will offer three separate options as choices of OGME-1 approved training, while focusing on the student's ultimate goal of residency training. Discussions by the AOA with licensing officials in those five states with osteopathic licensing boards do not reveal any issue/concern regarding the restructured internship. However, an AOA-approved first year training program is still required for licensure."

As far as appealing, that would be up to the individual states, but if you want your allopathic training approved by the AOA, the process is listed here: http://www.do-online.org/index.cfm?PageID=sir_faqmain#faq7
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Full Member
Moderator Emeritus
15+ Year Member
Apr 12, 2003
With my Children Of The Corn
  1. Attending Physician
Yes the 5 states still stand as requiring an AOA approved 1st year (however OK actually is a requirement for certain rotations-if done, the PGY1 does not necessarily need official AOA approval for OK licensure).
It is not clear from the PA boards-of-medicine websites, but for the purposes of training in a fellowship, the AOA approval of intern year may not be necessary. You may just need a training license which may not have the same requirement. It might be best to ask the individual hospitals in PA how they have dealt with the issue in the past (if they have).
Lastly, you need to apply for Resolution 42 approval of your internship though the AOA (a gentle chide: how come you didn't do this already? This issue was/is entirely avoidable). If you're not current on your AOA membership, it only costs $65 for someone in training (there's also a free trial membership period for those rejoining). Get current and apply for the Resolution 42 (the www.do-online.org website has the details). If you did a transitional year then approval should be relatively straightforward and easy.
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