May 6, 2019
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I am a first-time poster on this site. I frequently visited Reddit in the past, however, have not received a concrete answer.
Background: I am currently a senior in college. COVID has caused us to move home from college (once again) and I have no classes in this period (due to an extended winter break). In my junior year, I had planned to take the MCAT, however, with trying to balance Biochemistry, Physics 2, and study for the MCAT it just was not going to happen. Around this time, COVID caused my college to send all students home early and I was able to cancel my MCAT and get my money all back. (Clearly, I was not ready. I was not prioritizing my studying and my MCAT diagnostic score had not moved from a 487 over the 3 months that I had been "studying").

So here I am now: I have completed all of my prereqs now that are required for the MCAT. I take a diagnostic exam tomorrow to determine my starting point. I have been enrolled to start an MCAT Kaplan course with a personalized tutor (through my college). I have both this year's edition of the Kaplan books, last year's edition of the Kaplan books, TPR books, Kaplan 528, Kaplan flashcards, and the EK CARS 101 book. In addition, I have the Anki app as well with the miledown cards. This is my ONE shot to get a solid score on the MCAT. With this all being said, I am an extremely structured person (probably the fact that I'm a Biology major), and I need an hourly by hour schedule. What were your hourly study schedules (like even include your wake-up times...EVERYTHING)? Which chapters were reviewed on which days of the week? How did you study these chapters?

I will be taking my MCAT at the end of May.

Thank you bunches in advance.

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