Feb 19, 2010
Finally done. After worrying about the DAT for so long its over and overall I'm happy with the results.

Here are my scores

PAT 18 61.1%
QR 17 65.7%
RC 25 98.5%
BIO 26 99.6%
GC 23 95.0%
OC 23 94.3%

TS 24 99.3%
AA 23 98.3%

I knew I had to get a score in the 20's to counteract my mediocre GPA. when I saw the score report pop up, I lost it. I didn't even look at what the scores were corresponding to, I just wanted a printout.

I studied for about 4 months, but I think I could have taken it a month earlier and been fine, nothing I reviewed in the last month helped me out at all.

the PAT, what the hell!! I used cracked PAT and would got a 19 on my first test and 21-22 for the remaining 9. I don’t know what happened, this was definitely my strongest section. but I did see some shapes and patterns that I had never seen before. like everyone says the angles were out of control on the real DAT. during cube counting I turned OCD and deiced to count one of the cube structure 3x, wasting about 2 minutes, this killed me in the end, had to guess on last 5 pattern folding questions

RC - I would def consider myself a slow reader, and so I was definitely not expecting the scores I got. I read the questions first and then read the passage taking notes as to where I saw detail asked in the questions, then I went back and answered the questions.

Biology- random as everyone says but I felt it was easy, maybe because I’m biology major. I read through cliffs and all my class notes from many different biology classes. I think most of the questions could have been answered just on my knowledge from previous courses.

QC – Used Chads videos, and DAT destroyer

OC- same as above, Used notes from o-chem classes, DAT destroyer

QR – definitely get math destroyer!!! Very similar type questions, did it 2x and still got a 17, the biggest factor here is time, I counted and had 23 word problems. So just be ready

I would certainly not consider myself a good test taker. But all of the hard work and time paid off. I just wish my PAT section was higher since it is my best section. I’m applying this cycle, my BCP GPA is 3.31, Science GPA = 3.23, and non-science is 3.66
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