Mar 24, 2010
Other Health Professions Student
I've just recently switched to Dental from Pre-Med, and i'm planning to take the DAT in June sometime as i'm a junior right now.
What advice would you all recommend for study aides/preparation?
I have the Kaplan Blue Book and the Barrons book.
I also took a Kaplan practice test a month ago and go a 16 on it without studying. I'm hoping to get at least a 20. I have like a 3.5 GPA with a 3.3 for sciences (but hopefully it goes up!).

Thanks so much! :)


Nights Watchmen
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Jun 25, 2009
Sterling Hts, Mi
Here is the most populate self-study books we here around SDN like to use:

Kaplan Blue Book: Great introductory book, go over it first thing (biology / GC / Orgo).... its perceptual is "okay" but not enough.

Cliffs AP Biology: excellent book for the biology section alone, I would go over it 2-3 times after you do Kaplan BB's biology section. A biology text from your old biology courses is recommended (but not required) as a reference guide

DAT Destroyer + MATH Destroyer: These 2 books are pretty much the most popular books around the pre-dental forums. They are popular simply becuase.... they work. It is very rare to see someone study off the 2 Destroyers and land a score below 19 on that particular section. These 2 books are usually bought as a combo deal, I think $200 or $250, forgot

Crack DAT PAT software (preferably the 10 test version): In my opinion, this is the BEST PAT program in the nation. If you do those 10 tests and go over them to learn your mistakes, your basically guaranteeing your self a score of 19 (minimum), most people who use it get more

This is pretty much it (by the way this listed above is what I used).... Many people around here also use Crack DAT MATH and Crack's sciences, I have no experience with them so I can't say much. However, the 4 resource I listed above, if you follow them religiously, You should land that 20AA your looking for

Good luck on your DAT