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Aug 7, 2015
Hey everyone! I just took the 2009 DAT sample test and I have a few questions!
I was wondering if you can give me an explanation of the answer :p I tried looking at older posts but honestly everyone there just gives their opinion. I'd really appreciate if someone who knew the answer for sure helped me out.

1) Which of the following cells creates antibody-producing plasma cells?
A) B cells
B) T-helper cells
C) Cytotoxic T-cells
D) Macrophages
E) Natural Killer Cells

From what I understand the answer is supposed to be A. Now I might be confused but don't B cells "become" plasma cells? If I pay close attention to the wording, I believe T-helper cells help create B cells.

2) Growth (increased length) of long bones originates in which of the following regions?
A) Diaphysis
B) Metaphysis
C) Epihpysis
D) Periosteum
E) Medullary Cavity

They say the answer (which could be wrong) is B. How come it's not C? Doesn't growth happen at the epiphyseal plate?

3) I'm including a picture for this Ochem question. I have yet to see someone know this explanation to this problem. In my opinion this should be a totally fair questions in which it asks you if you can identify the pieces of a synthesis. Answer A IMO shows those pieces. ADA gives us magic: they say answer C is the answer. How in the world is that the answer ?


Thanks soooo much to those who can help!
Also what did you guys think of the 2009 that took DAT recently? Was it similar/harder/easier to real exam? I hear math is way harder on the 2009 (if you ask me test isn't that much harder but that scaling is disgusting for math..I', sorry after those 4-5 questions that had concepts I'd never seen before, the math scaling which is usually lenient was awful this time) Also I though Reading was crazy hard: like a 4 year old could ask me questions from the text that actually had answers.

Let me know your thoughts! Thanks!! 3 days till my test and I'm not freaking out...something wrong with me haha?